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About Us

About Us


The Bay Area Friendship Circle’s innovative programming promotes a greater understanding of the unique gifts that people with special needs hold, encourages respect and empathy for those facing difficult challenges, and includes them in the Jewish community.

Focusing on the cultural rather than the religious aspects of Judaism, the Bay Area Friendship Circle engages families regardless of their religious background. Uniquely working in concert with community synagogues and agencies, the organization supports the affiliated and unaffiliated across all denominations.

As part of the circle, teen volunteers have an exceptional opportunity to bond with other teens, create rewarding one-on-one mentor relationships with children and build a lasting connection to our Jewish community. Children with special needs benefit from a safe, fun environment and gain a connection to Judaism. Parents are offered respite and become part of a supportive network, assured that their children are in a nurturing environment.

The true beauty is how volunteers, children, parents, staff and donors all link together to form a seamless circle of friendship – the Friendship Circle.

To become a part of the Bay Area Friendship Circle as a parent, teen or donor visit www.BayAreaFC.org, email info@BayAreaFC.org or call (650) 858-6990. Tax ID # 20-4889813 


Bay Area Friendship Circle
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