Friendship Circle’s New B’nei Mitzvah Program!


Teaching Responsibility and Leadership through Service


Becoming a B’nei Mitzvah and volunteering with the Friendship Circle B’nei Mitzvah program is the most opportune time for our newest Jewish “adults” to begin putting their learning into action.

The Bay Area Friendship Circle proudly presents our newest program “B’nei Mitzvah Service Program”.


Adolescents between the ages 11-13



  • To develop positive relationships
  • To provide family bonding experiences
  • To develop a lifelong commitment of community service
  • To impact the life of a special child
  • To learn perspectives, leadership, mentoring and much more.
  • To learn about becoming a Jewish adult


Participants and an adult will volunteer side by side with a special needs participant and a family member to complete various community service project(s). Each session will include a short look into what becoming a Jewish Adult means through discussion and study followed by the hands on volunteering.

 Service projects examples:

  • Preparing food bags for the homeless
  • Building a garden “The Friendship Garden”
  • School supplies give away to under-served schools

 Required time commitment: 

Participants and their families will meet monthly for 1.5 hours working on assigned volunteer projects.


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